New funding


the current capital strategy plan will focus on:

School Design & Construction

The goal is to design schools that are creative spaces to learn, energy efficient, and cost effective to maintain and operate over the life of the facility.

School Security & Safety

We are working to create a safe and secure environments for our students to learn and thrive.

Water & Energy Conservation

During a building’s development we apply a comprehensive, integrated approach of designing schools that are water and energy efficient. 

School Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to managing our facility investments and to keep school facilities clean and running smoothly and safely.

ADA Compliance Upgrades

Our goal is to create spaces that can be used equally by both handicapped and able-bodied students alike.

Fine Arts Instruments & Equipment

Supporting Fine Arts education is designed to make a significant contribution to student learning and personal growth.

Student & Teacher Technology
Physical Education Equipment for all Schools 
Artificial Turf/Water and Energy Conservation
Student & Teacher Educational Furniture 
Renewing and Restoring Aging Buildings 
Educational and Instructional Technology 
Capital Funding to all Albuquerque Charter Schools 
Charter Schools Facilities & Equipment 

Why is a tax increase needed?

Yes, there will be a tax rate increase. For most homeowners in Albuquerque, the increase would be about 4.7% of their total property tax bill.

Taxpayers outside the City of Albuquerque (within the APS district) may see a slightly greater increase because their overall property tax rates are lower than Albuquerque’s.

Lingering Economic Recession in NM – this, coupled with booming national and neighboring state economies, has resulted in a net loss of skilled construction workers in NM and increased the labor component of construction costs.

Security – School shootings nationwide necessitate that APS accelerate the installation of student & teacher security components like fencing, locks, cameras, electronic card access, and secure entry vestibules at all schools and educational facilities.

Construction costs have increased on average over the last 5 years by 12.4%, while Assessed value of property has only increased on average over the last 10 years by 2.7%.

Imposition of Tariffs on imported building materials like steel, wood, and IT by federal government – has resulted in the increase of the building materials component of construction costs.


APS construction projects have accounted for approximately 70% of commercial construction activity in the Albuquerque area over the last 8 years.

The dollars paid for wages and materials circulate through the local economy multiplying the economic benefit to the area by a factor of 3 or more. 

Construction projects inject over $100 million dollars a year into the local economy.

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